Sample Temperature Systems

Sample Temperature SystemsA complete range of sample temperature systems to suit a particular application need from very cold to very hot: it’s your choice.

The ability to change and moreover control the sample’s temperature is of prime importance for virtually all EPR/ESR techniques (e.g., ENDOR, FT-EPR, ELDOR). Bruker BioSpin offers a complete range of temperature systems to suit the particular application need.

Sample Temperature Systems comprise:

  • Simple and Easy 77.3 K operation and dedicated solution with the Finger Dewar
  • 3.8 K to 400 K with the Helium Temperature Control System ER4112HV (also for the FlexLine and S-/Q-/K-band probes)
  • 100 K to 600 K with the Digital Temperature Control Systems ER4131VT and ER4141VT with liquid and gaseous nitrogen
  • 300 K to 1273 K with the ER4114HT System
  • Cryogen-Free Systems In-Cavity & FlexLine Systems