Ultra High Vacuum Chambers

The OmniVac RDC 700 Ultra High Vacuum Chamber (Distribution) is the central element of the multi chamber UHV systems.

Image of an Ultra High Vacuum Chambers system

Ultra High Vacuum Chambers

It provides access to up to 8 individual chambers for e.g. preparation, storage or analysis. The RDC 700 distribution chamber has a diameter of 700 mm and offers a translation distance to each sample holder station in the different chambers of up to 475 mm.

For sample holder reception and fixation, a carabiner mechanism is used enabling safe and reliable transfer of your samples. Under common conditions a transfer can be performed in less than one minute, enabling nearly continuous heating or cooling of a sample.

Up to three DN 250CF windows provide full optical insight to all phases of the sample transfer process.

Ultra High Vacuum Analysis Chambers

  • Linear  system for up to three (3) UHV chambers (plus additional park station)
  • Transport by rack-and-pinion driven linear motion feed-through, second rotation optional (for perpendicular manipulators)
  • Standard setup surface analysis chamber (ESCA, SIMS, End-station for synchrotron, etc.) and load-lock
  • Sample preparation chamber and sample storage optional
  • Full upgrade compatible to UHV SD and UHV D – all chambers can be used !
  • Pumping system custom design like combination of turbo molecular pumps, ion pumps, cryopumps, TSP, etc.)

Ultra High Vacuum Chambers Application example

  • Surface analysis chamber with SES 2002, x-ray source and x-ray monochromator and high stable frame with vibration isolation
  • Additional preparation chamber with manipulator, heating and cooling and frame with thermal isolation
  • Fast-entry sample load lock for one or up to six sample holders
  • Mechanical rack-and-pinion coupled linear transfer (no-magnets, good control, can be operated by one person)

For the datasheet download on the RDC 700 Ultra High Vacuum Analysis Chambers please click here

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