Liquid Helium Systems

Hall Scientific Ltd (HSL) offers Liquid Helium Systems including a wide selection of cryostats and cryostat related equipment. A cryostat is a vessel used to maintain cryogenic temperatures and is categorized as a liquid cryostat.

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Liquid Helium Systems

The cryostat vessels are vacuum insulated and are constructed of non-magnetic materials such as stainless steel with copper or aluminium thermal shields. All non-demountable joints are inert gas welded providing a rigid, mechanically strong cryostat for long and reliable use. The joints are checked with a helium leak detector at each stage of construction, and vacuum integrity is checked and guaranteed for 12 months. The completed cryostat is temperature cycled and tested to confirm that it meets high standards for quality.

Cryostats are normally supplied with a reliable evacuation valve, an overpressure relief valve and provisions for mounting a thermocouple gauge for monitoring the cryostat vacuum. Cryostats can be provided with a mounting flange, lifting lugs and other options to meet handling and interface requirements.

HSL with its Partners has the capability to design and manufacturing cryostats and can provide customized designs tailored to a customer’s specific requirements.

Liquid Helium Systems – Cryostats – Dewars

Hall Scientific supplies liquid helium systems dewars in several configurations. The dewars are optimised for minimum liquid helium consumption and both liquid nitrogen (LN2) and vapour-cooled shielding are available. LN2 shielding offers a stable shield temperature, low helium loss, and minimal cryostat thermal stabilization time. Gas cooled  shielding uses the helium boil off vapor to cool the shields, provides low helium losses and eliminates vibration issues sometimes associated with LN2 shielded dewars.

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