High-temperature Superconducting Current Leads

Image showing 100A and 250A high-temperature superconducting current leads

100A and 250A current leads

HSL is now able to supply High-temperature Superconducting Current Leads. With over a thousand current leads in the field the CryoSaver™ HTS current leads has demonstrated outstanding, time-tested performance for more than a decade. CryoSaver™ leads outperform competing solutions with unsurpassed build quality, mechanical strength and overall performance.

CryoSaver™ second generation of current leads, CryoSaver™ II, rated from 150A to more than 2000A, deliver significantly improved performance with lower heat leak, reducing heat-load and losses for client’s systems. Applications include MRI, NMR and beamline magnets as well as driven (non-persistent) superconducting magnets. Leads are available in a number of formats:

Standard and short High-temperature Superconducting Current Leads

Standard CryoSaver™ leads use a fiberglass composite body to encase the HTS wire for structural integrity. Nickel plated copper endcaps are used for warm and cold end connections. Shorter versions of standard current leads are available for space constrained applications.

Hermetic leads

Designed for service in cryogenic liquid or vapour, CryoSaver™ Hermetic leads utilize a thin-walled stainless steel outer body and lid to form a hermetic seal against absorption of helium into the HTS wire.

Image showing 2kA Cryosaver™ high-temperature superconducting current leads

2kA Cryosaver™ Current lead







CryoSaver™ current leads which include custom terminals, specific dimensions, complex geometry and high current (>10kA), can be designed and manufactured to meet client requirements.

Image showing Custom 6kA chigh-temperature superconducting current leads

Custom 6kA current lead







For more information and sourcing your high-temperature superconducting current leads please give Hall Scientific Ltd., a call now on Tel: + 44 203 004 9895 or alternatively out of hours please leave a message via our Contact us page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

GMW Tables
Image showing GMW Tables

GMW Tables