UHV Electronics

We offer a range  of electronics for different applications in UHV technology.

VCU vacuum control unitPS-VCU Vacuum Control Unit
The VCU vacuum control unit provides basic functionality for safe operation of small vacuum pump stands. It is designed for automated pumping and venting control, bakeout surveillance, gate valve and electronics control and stepping motors supply.

The VCU is an easy to use, reliable and inexpensive watchdog for one- or two-chamber systems.
With PS-VCU 100 OmniVac offers a modular and flexible vacuum control system for safe operation of complex vacuum systems of up to 6 chambers. This comprises of automated pumping and venting routines, bakeout control, gate valve control, electronics control and fore- and ultra high vacuum surveillance. A number of freely assignable process controlled relays can be programmed to meet the desires of highly customized systems and practical needs. A large touch screen interface with customizable software provides easy access to all important system parameters and process controls.
PS-REG 120 Power Supply PS-EBV 100 Power Supply
The PS-REG 120 power supply provides two integrated PS-REG 100 power suppliesThe PS-EBV 100 power supply controls a heating current and temperature in a closed loop system using an Eurotherm 2416 PID controller. It can be remote controlled using a RS 485 interface. Configuration for different power outputs is possible.