UHV Light Sources

X-Ray Source XRS 100

The OmniVac XRS 100 X-Ray Source offers high intensity X-ray radiation ideally suited for XPS experiments. The twin anode materials are jointed to the copper cooling xrs100_foto_160finger by explosion welding, enabling long anode lifetime even at high emission powers. The copper cooling finger and head are fully water cooled. The head offers a possibility for internal alignment which allows for a better adjustment of the X-ray spot to the optical axis of the energy analyzer. The whole setup is trimmed to small diameters enabling the possibility of supplementary external alignment of the whole source.

XRS 100 X-Ray Source

Design Mg/Al twin anode (other materials on request)
Power 300 W (Mg) resp. 600 W (Al)
Crosstalk < 0.4 %
Mounting Flanch DN 40 CF
Bakeable up to 250°C
Water cooling Anode and anode housing, 3.5 l/min

PS-XRS 100 High Voltage Supply

Power 300 / 600 / 1200 W
Display Emission current, anode voltage
Interlocks High voltage, vacuum, water flow
Dimensions (W x H x D) 19’ x 132 mm x 495 mm

CS-XRS 100 Isolation Unit

HV Protection Shielding for connectors, conduits for water pipes
Display Water flow, pressure