Liquid Helium High Field Superconducting Magnet Systems

Integrated superconducting magnets and variable temperature systems are available in a wide variety of configurations.

10T Optical Split-Pair System with Side-Loading VTI


                                                                                                                                                                                                                      High Field Superconducting
Magnet System with VTI

Solenoid Systems

The most popular (and cost efficient) systems will include a superconducting solenoid magnet, commonly with a 50 mm or 75mm clear cold bore. This will allow a sample tube O.D. of 38.1 mm or 63.5 mm. Available magnetic fields are up to 20T. A wide variety of bore sizes are available. Homogeneity ranges from basic + 0.5% over a 10mm DSV to NMR Quality.

 Split-Pair Systems

There are a wide variety of split pair configurations available for the researcher requiring perpendicular access to the magnetic field. The most popular configuration is with a conventional top-loading variable temperature insert. For optical research applications, dewars with windows can be provided.

A unique, high field (10T) split-pair optical system is pictured above. This system features a side-loading variable temperature insert. Cryomagnetics is ready to quote custom configurations to fit your research needs.

Multiple Axis Systems

Cryomagnetics has manufactured 2 and 3-Axis VECTOR superconducting magnets dating back to 1996. These systems are very popular and there are always a number of multi-axis systems in manufacture. Some of the many standard multi-axis products include:2-axis

  • 9T/4T (9T Z-coil Solenoid, 4T X-coil Split Pair)
  • 9T/1T (9T Z-coil Solenoid, 1T X-coil Split Pair)
  • 1T/1T/1T (All 1T Split pairs – X,Y,Z)
  • 5T/1T/1T (5T Z-coil Solenoid, 1T X-coil Split pair, 1T Y-coil Split pair)
  • 9T/1T/1T (9T Z-coil Solenoid, 1T X-coil Split pair, 1T Y-coil Split pair)
  • Custom configurations are available.




9T/4T Superconducting Magnet ready to be installed in a dewar


Variable Temperature Insert

Typical working space diameter is 37mm (~1.46″) for a 52mm (~2.0″) cold bore superconducting magnet. Sample temperature range is from 1.4K to 325K. Wider ranges of temperature, or high power is available. A sample probe is provided with two 10-pin electrical connectors. Calibrated temperature sensors are installed on the vaporizer and sample mount.


Dewar Options

 Several dewar configurations are available to meet your requirements. The most common are top-loading bucket dewars with belly sections. Bottom-loading bucket dewars are especially

 popular with larger superconducting magnet magnets, particularly high-field solenoids. Optical dewars (base window for solenoids, multiple options for split-pairs) are available.

Upgrade paths are available for He3 and dilution inserts. The superconducting magnet and support assembly can be designed with an upgrade path in mind.

 Always designed with safety in mind, all integrated VTI systems are designed to ASME code and manufactured in Cryomagnetics’ facility under strict quality procedures.




Typical Variable Temperature Insert