Cryogenic Instrumentation

Cryogenic InstrumentationHall Scientific Ltd, are now the distributor for Cryogenic Control Systems Inc., selling state-of-the-art Cryogenic Instrumentation.

(Cryo-con) is a manufacturer of precision cyrogenic instrumentation for both laboratory and industrial applications. Cryo-con offers a complete line of cryogenic temperature controllers, monitors, sensors and cryogenic accessories.

Cryogenic instrumentation products include:

About Cryo-con

Cryo-con’s core technical strength is the development and manufacture of cryogenic instrumentation. This often requires the design of unusual circuits that work with exotic sensors found in some cryogenic systems. Extremely low noise environments need products designed to operate without corrupting any part of the overall systems performance.

Lowering electrical noise in extremely sensitive environments requires the use of cryogenic techniques. Also, measurement data can be corrupted or even destroyed if the instrumentation couples electrical noise into such an environment. This can happen even at an extremely low level. Furthermore, electronics designed primarily for room-temperature applications are often unsuitable for cryogenic use.

Cryo-con designs products for extremely low noise cryogenic environments. Therefore, the minimisation and management of electrical noise is a key element of their design methodology. Extensive experience in modern components is applied to tested and proven noise reduction techniques.

Performance improves with Digital Signal Processing (DSP). Measurement accuracy and control stability improve well beyond the limits imposed by electronic hardware. In addition, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) significantly improves performance in a wide range of applications. In Cryo-con’s products, DSP  examples include signal decimation, lock-in detection and Cubic Spline algorithms used in temperature measurement.  Also, the control loops use signal dithering and enhanced PID.

Furthermore, DSP is utilised to provide the instruments with ‘simply smarter’ operation. Features include Adaptive Cryocooler Signature Subtraction and Linear-Mean-Squared based autotuning.

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