Low Vibration Cryostat – Cryogen Free

Hall Scientific Limited has partnered with ColdEdge Technologies to offer a range of Closed Cycle, Low Vibration Cryostats; <3.5K to 1000K Closed Cycle Nanometer Displacement Low Vibration Interface with features that include;

  • Vibration dampening interface which provides <10 to 15 nanometer displacement at the sample.
  • Interface is compatible with a wide range of Pulse Tube and GM closed cycle coolers so that the temperature range and cooling capacity that best meets the experiments requirements can be used.
  • Modular design allows easily interchangeable vacuum enclosures for multiple applications.
  • Compatible with ColdEdge’s 1000K high temperature interface for a wide temperature range.
  • High performance gas gap heat exchange design allows 80% of cryocoolers cooling capacity to be utilized.
  • Allows easy removal of the cryocooler’s cold head without breaking vacuum or  disturbing a complicated sample setup for chamber baking to 200C or  cooler maintenance.

Applications – Microscope, SEM, Optical, DAC, Mossbauer, Micro Raman, STM, MEMS, Quantum Dot, UHV, Diamond Anvil Cell and other vibration sensitive experiments


Optical Spectroscopy & DAC

<4K Bolometer Closed Cycle

<4K FTIR with sample tip / tilt

Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) – Polytec MSA-500 interface