Sample Temperature Systems

Sample Temperature SystemsA complete range of sample temperature systems to suit particular applications. From very cold to very hot, it’s your choice.

Furthermore, the ability to change and moreover control the sample’s temperature is of prime importance. This is for virtually all EPR/ESR techniques (e.g., ENDOR, FT-EPR, ELDOR). Also, Bruker BioSpin offers a complete range of temperature systems to suit the particular application need.

Sample Temperature Systems comprise:

  • Simple and Easy 77.3 K operation and dedicated solution with the Finger Dewar
  • 3.8 K to 400 K with the Helium Temperature Control System ER4112HV (also for the FlexLine and S-/Q-/K-band probes)
  • 100 K to 600 K with the Digital Temperature Control Systems ER4131VT and ER4141VT with liquid and gaseous nitrogen
  • 300 K to 1273 K with the ER4114HT System
  • Cryogen-Free Systems In-Cavity & FlexLine Systems