Ruthenium Oxide Thermometer

Ruthenium Oxide Thermometer.

HSL now supplies the RO-600 Ruthenium Oxide Thermometer down to 20mK. Moreover, grouped / interchangeable is available and have a nominal resistance of 1kΩ at ambient temperature.

Ruthenium oxide temperature sensors also offer excellent performance characteristics in magnetic field environments. These sensors exhibit an initial small negative magnetoresistance at temperatures below 250 mK at low fields (less than ~1.5 Tesla).

Ruthenium Oxide Thermometer now available at HSL

Furthermore, the magnetoresistance becomes positive at larger fields and increases at lower temperatures. This magneto-resistance is repeatable. If an 8 Tesla field induces a resistance change of 8% at 80 mK, this reflects a 7mK error.

We have observed the orientation dependence of the sensor mounting versus field direction. Ruthenium Oxide sensors are also available in the uncalibrated, grouping, or calibrated units. They feature excellent reproducibility, fast thermal response time, and miniature size at a reasonable cost.

  • Series RO-600 Ruthenium Oxide Temperature Sensor Features:
  • Excellent Magnetic Field Performance
  • Interchangeability
  • Repeatability
  • Fast Thermal Response
  • Rugged
  • Temperature Range: .05K to 20K (Custom ranges available, consult factory)

Finally, for more information and a quotation, please call Renny Hall at HSL on +44 7769 200 879. Alternatively, please leave a message via the contact us page out of hours and during public holidays.