Nanoscience Instruments

Nanomagnetics Instruments developed the first Nanoscience Instruments that provided Scanning Hall Probe Microscopes SHPM in 1998. This was in Oxford UK for Room Temperature applications. The SHPM offers quantitative and non-invasive magnetic imaging with high resolution down to 50 nm & 6nT/root Hz

Nanoscience Instruments

Furthermore, the first nanoscience product of Nanomagnetics, the Room Temperature Scanning Hall Probe Microscope(RT-SHPM), they launched the Low Temperature Scanning Hall Probe Microscope (LT-SHPM/SPM) in 2001. Moreover, by changing sensors, it is possible to use these microscopes as quartz crystal Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) & Scanning Tunnelling Microscopes (STM).  The low-temperature Scanning Probe Microscopes (LT-SPM) are also compatible with most cryostats. These included the PPMS and He3 and Dilution Refrigerator systems in a wide temperature range of 30mK-300K.

Nanoscience Instruments from Hall Scientific Ltd.

In 2005, following market requirements, Nanomagnetics launched the Low-Temperature Magnetic/Atomic Force Microscope (LT-MFM/AFM). Designed for high resolution magnetic/topographic imaging which achieves sub-10nm magnetic resolution. The LT-MFM/AFM design utilises a fiber interferometer cantilever detection technique with alignment-free silicon cantilevers. All AFM modes: EFM, Scanning Spreading Resistance, Piezoresponse Force Microscopy PRFM, contact mode AFM, etc. are available. These microscopes include the 30mK-300K temperature range.

Moreover, in 2008 NanoMagnetics introduced the High-Resolution Ambient MFM/AFM achieving sub-10nm magnetic resolution in air!

In July 2010 they introduced the AQUA NC-AFM, which was the first commercial non-contact Atomic Force Microscope in the world. This achieved atomic resolution on mica in water using non-contact mode operation with a digital PLL.

Recently NanoMagnetics have begun to produce full nanoscience systems such as the Hall Effect Measurement system, (HEMS) and also offer the Nanomanipulator, a range of nanopositioners and a scriber system. Also, these systems are compatible with the Cryogen-free range of C-Mag systems from Cryomagnetics.

Furthermore, Nanomagnetics are now one of the leading companies globally for Nanoscience products.

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