MS5000 Magnettech by Freiberg Instruments

MS5000 Magnettech by Freiberg Instruments

Hall Scientific Ltd (HSL) has teamed up with Bruker to sell the MS5000 Magnettech by Freiberg Instruments.

The Bench-top ESR5000 EPR spectrometer is a compact, high-performance instrument. It has excellent sensitivity and reliability for the most demanding applications in EPR spectroscopy.

Unique and Far-reaching

EPR (Electron Paramagnetic Resonance) spectroscopy is the only technique that unambiguously detects and quantifies species with unpaired electrons. These species include free radicals, transition metals, and defects in materials.

From membranes to solar cells, EPR applications spread far and wide!

It has also led to understanding metalloprotein structures and the processes involved in photosynthesis. For biology, the EPR will also allow the study of membrane proteins. Moreover, metalloenzymes, IDPs, RNA, DNA, spin labeling/trapping, nitric oxides, and ROS & NS. EPR is the only method available to detect paramagnetic ROS and RNS spec es directly. Further applications include polymer synthesis, silicon purity in solar cells, and spin trapping. This process will assess the oxidative stability of flavors. EPR allows the study of metal centers and radicals involved in chemical processes within electrochemistry, redox chemistry, photochemistry, and catalysis.

Versatile and Nondestructive

EPR spectroscopy allows the sample to be a solid, liquid, and gas. You can include colored solutions, turbid solutions, or even cell suspension. With EPR measurement, no contact with the sample preserves the sample for further analysis is. Easy to use EPR is very accessible spectroscopy. Sample preparation is minimal. It requires placing the sample in a tube regardless of whether it is a solid, liquid, or as. Detection of unpaired electrons in both free radicals and transition metals is unambiguous. From the EPR spectrum, it is easy to obtain precise quantitative information about the radicals present. Furthermore, the EPR spectrum can improve the quantitative results. It can precisely extract parameters to characterize the species and compare them with the literature.

The Customizable MS5000 Magnettech

Furthermore, each laboratory has its requirements for preparing and measuring its samp es. The sample may require unique holders to position the sample in the EPR spectrometer. Other cases may require irradiation with UV light or heating and cooling the sample. The aim is to generate the radicals or observe changes in the sample due to the expos re. The specialized equipment necessary for these cases is available for each laboratory’s needs.

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