Liquid Helium Dilution Refrigerators

DR_NBGSince 1983, Cryomagnetics has been a world leading manufacturer of liquid-helium based (wet) superconducting magnet systems. Our comprehensive in-house manufacturing capabilities insures the highest quality possible. Unlike many other companies offering superconducting magnet/dilution refrigerators – we are not simply a multi-manufacturer integrator.

We ARE the manufacturer and do not rely on subcontractors for major items of the system. Likewise, Cryoconcept is also a world leader in traditional, liquid helium based dilution refrigerators. Over the years, many innovative dilution refrigerators for high power, inverted, pulsed-magnetic field, etc. have been delivered.

Combining both companies strengths results in a dilution refrigerator/superconducting magnet system with unmatched performance, reliability, and ease of use.

The dilution refrigerator is available with up to 400μW of cooling power at 100mK and a base temperature of less than/equal to 10mK. The superconducting magnet is available with fields up to 15 Tesla with a variety of bore sizes and homogeneous volumes.

Many configurations are available:

  • Traditional top-loading bucket dewar systems, highly-efficient superinsulated or LN2-shielded.
  • Bottom loading bucket dewar systems for larger superconducting magnets allows for reduced dewar neck diameter and better LHe loss rates.
  • Vibration isolation options for sensitive experiments.
  • Room temperature bore magnet systems with a separate dewar system for the dilution refrigerator.
  • Custom-designed to fit your particular application.

The system also incorporates an automatic gas handling system optimized for use with the dilution refrigerator. Control is through a user-friendly touch-screen interface or remotely through an Ethernet interface. The superconducting magnet can be controlled through Ethernet, USB, or IEEE-488 interface.

A typical 400µW dilution refrigerator is pictured at left.

Please visit Cryoconcept’s website for more information. Click here for more information on Cryomagnetics/Cryoconcept’s Cryogen-Free Systems.

DR_Mag_InstallationOn the  left is a typical dilution refrigerator / superconducting magnet system installation.

This system contains a 9T superconducting magnet with 2.0″ cold bore.

The dewar is high efficiency superinsulated without a liquid nitrogen shield to minimize maintenance.

The dilution refrigerator is 100µW at 100mK with a base temperature of < 10mK.

At the far left-hand side of the picture is the fully automated gas-handling system. Everything may be controlled via our user-friendly Cryograf software.


100uw_DRCryoconcept has been building and installing dilution refrigerators for ultra low temperature research applications since 2000. In partnership with the low temperature laboratory of the CEA in Saclay, France and parent company, Cryomagnetics, Inc. in the USA, the company designs, fabricates, tests and installs high performance dilution refrigerator systems capable of reaching temperatures below 10mK.

Years of experience in a wide range of ultra low temperature applications has given Cryoconcept unique expertise in low temperature physics. The company’s systems are recognized worldwide as some of the most reliable, user-friendly, and versatile ultra low temperature research tools available. Standard and custom systems are available to meet the most demanding applications.
Cryogen-free and conventional dilution refrigerators from Cryoconcept are used in a variety of applications:

•  Nanostructure studies
•  Nanomagnetism
•  Superconductivity research
•  Solid state physics at extremely low temperatures
•  Low temperature detectors – germanium, sapphire, etc

 Our Standard Dilution Refrigerator Product Line includes:
•  Cryogen-Free
•  Conventional
•  Inverted
•  Cryogen-Free and Conventional for Room Temperature Bore Magnet Systems
•  Integrated with Cryogen-Free or LHe Superconducting Magnets