Cryogenic Temperature Multi-Channel Monitors

Hall Scientific Ltd. has introduced the latest Cryogenic Temperature Multi-Channel Monitors to the UK and Europe.

Cryogenic Temperature Multi-Channel Monitors

The monitor’s power source can be 7.5 to 48 Volts AC or DC. Moreover, they include support for the “Power over Ethernet” (PoE) specification. (IEEE 802.3af). Here the Local Area Network or LAN powers the monitors.

In addition, the Model 18i has eight input channels. The Model 14i has four, and the Model 12i has two. Otherwise, each model is the same in terms of features and functions. Furthermore, each input is independent and can support an extensive range of sensors. Scanning or multiplexing of the inputs does not take place. Each model allows various display format selections with up to eight temperature readings on display simultaneously. Alternatively, the display shows two channels with a temperature. This information shows on a large, easy-to-read display. Additionally, a single keypress displays a menu tree. The configuration of the features and functions is simple.

Cryogenic Temperature Multi-Channel Monitors Models 18i/14i/12i Key Features:

  • Options of 2,4 or 8 Input Channels with Ethernet Connectivity
  • This monitor supports silicon diodes, Platinum RTD, and most cryogenic NTC temperature sensors.
  • Dual thermocouple inputs are also available as an option.
  • Operation from 1.0K to over 1500K with an appropriate sensor.
  • Constant-Voltage, AC excitation of resistive sensors minimizes errors and extends their valid temperature range.
  • Continuous data logging into Non-Volatile internal memory.
  • Two large, dry-contact relay outputs.
  • Flexible input power: Power-Over-Ethernet or 7.5-24V AC/DC.
  • Built-in web server.
  • Any web browser will also allow temperature monitoring and instrument configuration.
  • Remote interfaces include 100/10 Ethernet and RS-232. USB 2.0 and IEEE-488.2 (GPIB) are optional.
  • LabVIEW™ drivers are available for all interfaces.

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