Cryogenic Temperature Monitor

Image of Cryogenic Temperature Monitor

Cryogenic Temperature Monitor

Features include:

  • CE-Marked.
  • Monitors resistive temperature sensors such as ruthenium oxide, platinum, and carbon.
  • Simple keypad with good tactile response (no membrane switches).
  • Flexible computer control via the standard RS-232 interface (IEEE-488.2 available).
  • LabVIEW® drivers available at no extra charge.

Cryogenic Temperature Monitor

Cryomagnetics’ Model TM-600 Temperature Monitor utilises the latest technology to provide precision temperature monitoring at a reasonable cost. Many applications require only a precision temperature monitor – not an expensive temperature controller.

Many precision temperature sensor types can be monitored. Tested sensors include ruthenium-oxide, platinum, and carbon.

The easy to read 2-line vacuum fluorescent display clearly indicates temperature in Kelvin, Celsius, Fahrenheit, or ohms. Convenient temperature auto-ranging minimizes user intervention. Spline or linear interpolation provides optimal utilization of sensor calibration data.

High and low set-points can be used to warn of temperatures outside a specific range. When the temperature falls outside this range, a control output signal is activated (TTL or open collector). This feature is useful for monitoring temperature of lambda plate operation, cryostat shields, closed-cycle refrigerator systems, sample temperatures, etc.

Image of Model TM-600 Cryogenic Temperature Monitor

Model TM-600 Cryogenic Temperature Monitor

An audible alarm with high and low set points is also included. When temperature falls outside a range you set, the alarm becomes active. The audible alarm can be silenced if desired. An annunciator is displayed on the front panel whenever the alarm is active.

Resolution is sensor and temperature dependent. For a 100K ohm ruthenium oxide temperature sensor, resolution is Dual Channel TM-6001 millikelvin in the temperature range of 1.5K to 40K. Even with inexpensive 100 ohm platinum sensors, the resolution is 10 millikelvin at 77K.

Two temperature sensors can be simultaneously monitored and displayed with the two-sensor option (Option 3). These sensors do not have to be of the same type because of separate current control and feedback circuitry.



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