Cryogen Free Dilution Fridge

Hall Scientific Ltd in partnership with Leiden Cryogenics offers a range of Cryogen Free Dilution Refrigerators without Magnets.


    A new Cryogen-Free model is now available that has a large (408 mm) mixing chamber plate, which means a very large sample space and a 70 liter experimental volume below the mixing chamber. The very heavy plates (~150 kg) provide a very stable, very low vibration low temperature environment. The new Cryogen-Free CF-CS81 models have one 81mm central clear shot tube, as standard, and a second optional 81 mm lateral shot to the IVC. Two 50 mm clear shots are also available (one is standard) that can be used in conjunction with semi-fixed probes for bringing down a multitude of cables, wires, optical fibers etc. The 81 mm top loading probes use a long welded bellows as load-lock and the insertion and removal is by means of an electrical motor. This technique avoids the usual small leaks then can occur along the sealing o-rings of the rigid load lock probes, and have also the advantage of allowing many wires and coax cables to be added, without the limitation of the small sliding tube. The probes can be fitted with small RF amplifiers, small magnets and even removable nuclear demagnetization stages.


    CF Models Tmin (mK) Q @120mK (μW)
    MCK  100/400 < 25 up to 500 μW inside MC
    CF-CS81-300 ~ 10 380
    CF-CS81-600 ~ 9 600
    CF-CS81-700-Maglev ~ 8 700
    CF-CS81-1400-Maglev < 8 1400
    CF-CS81-2500-Maglev < 6 2500


Our lowest vibration system uses Halcyonics Active Vibration Isolators (transmission graph below) to suppress low frequency movement. This gives an excellent low-noise measurement environment with typical vibration levels below 0.1µm/rtHz.

Halcyonics Transmission Vibrations at MC level