Image of MRI Systems from HSLMRI Systems

Hall Scientific Ltd are now offering the Magritek Terranova-MRI teaching systems. This is the world’s only teaching instrument that can do 2D and 3D magnetic resonance imaging.

Students start with simple experiments that demonstrate basic NMR principles and progress to MRI experiments that enable understanding of more complex ideas with a hands-on approach. The Terranova-MRI uses the Earth’s magnetic field as the primary field, for an MRI imaging system that is affordable, compact, lightweight and safe.

 The Terranova is “lab course in a box,” including the spectrometer, probe, phantom samples, user manuals, software, and an excellent student guide with a full set of experiments.

For more product information, pricing and a quotation please contact Hall Scientific Ltd on Tel: +44 203 004 9895 or please leave a message via our Contact page.