Closed Cycle Cryostat – The Stinger

Stinger Closed Cycle Cryostat from ColdEdge Inc.

The StingerTM – a completely new closed cycle cryostat/cryogenic cooling system aimed at the laboratory environment to run multiple types of cryostats.

Cryogenic Cooling Technology replaces old liquid transfer cooling systems. With no need to replace the liquid cryogen cryostats the StingerTM is fully compatible with a wide variety of cold heads. The StingersTM versatility allows integration with most existing liquid cryogen cryostats with its flexible point of cooling technology.

Most Oxford and ColdEdge cryostats simply plug and perform. The StingerTM can, therefore, cover a variety of cryogenic experiments throughout the lab environment.

Stinger Closed Cycle Cryostat – No need for liquid helium or High Purity Helium Gas

Depending on the cryocooler employed, the StingerTM can be a 4K or 10K temperature version.  We provide a flexible 4 feet of “point of cooling” extension. It provides a completely closed cycle system. It employs a cryocooler running on a closed cycle helium compressor to produce the minimum desired temperature.

Depending on the cryocooler employed, StingerTM can be of 4K or 10K temperature versions. It has a standard 4 feet of flexible, point of cooling extension.  This is a completely closed cycle system. It employs a cryocooler running on a closed cycle helium compressor to produce the minimum desired temperature.

An auxiliary cooling circuit used for the flexible point of cooling is also fully closed cycle. It employs a closed cycle helium recirculation compressor. No more expensive liquid helium or high purity helium gas is needed. This system is the newest innovation for complete cryogen replacement.

The StingerTM provides the perfect fit for OEM or Lab environments that use cryogenic cooling.  It will fit into any application even if space is tight, or it can be adapted to many liquid cryogen cryostats without any disruption of the sample environment. ColdEdge also makes additional custom cryostat attachments for a wide variety of applications, which are completely interchangeable and offered at significantly lower cost.

Principles of Operation

The StingerTM uses existing proven “closed” cycle cryocooler cooling technology to cool an auxiliary helium gas circuit to liquid cryogen level temperatures. The flexible point of cooling bayonet transfer line is designed to insert into existing experimental cryostats or custom ColdEdge supplied heads. The StingerTM operates similarly to older liquid cryogen flow transfer line systems, except with a closed cycle.Closed Cycle Cryostat - Stinger

The cryocooler can be a closed cycle GM or Pulse tube cooler, two stage, and 10K or 4K. It employs a cryocooler and compressor with normal flexible gas lines between the two. First, the cryocooler generates the cryogenic temperatures at both of its two cold stations. Then the cold stations cool the gas from an auxiliary helium circuit for StingerTM.

Helium is circulated through the StingerTM, cooling the cryostat using innovatively designed internal heat exchangers and JT technology. Typical components in the auxiliary helium circuit include a re-circulating compressor, gas manifold to regulate helium flow, and connecting flexible gas lines.

These gas lines run between the re-circulator compressor to the gas manifold and between the gas manifold to StingerTM cryocooler. Typical cooling time depends on the type of cold head attachment, the temperature to be achieved, and heat loads. StingerTM cools down in about 60-75 minutes to minimum temperature with normal loads.

A gas control manifold is provided to operate the re-circulated helium while operating cold heads. It allows regulation of the supply pressure to optimise the temperature requirements of the experiments. The manifold will also serve in purging and clean any contamination introduced into the system during the cryostat or sample changes.

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